Sony PlayStation 5 owner revealed the secret DualSense feature. The controller can be easily extended with one click

The feature is not mentioned anywhere in the PlayStation 5 descriptions, as are some other features.

Although Sony released its new PlayStation 5 game console in November 2020, users continue to reveal its features. One of the players recently discovered the secret function of the DualSense controller.

It turns out that a long press for 10 seconds of the PS button on the DualSense completely turns off the controller, which makes it easy to extend the battery life of the gadget. This is not the only feature that many players are not aware of. For example, if you hold down the special mute button for a couple of seconds, you can not only mute the microphone but generally mute the entire sound. Features have not been mentioned before in PlayStation 5 descriptions, including numerous PS5-specific pages on the famous Reddit.  

By the way, a thread discussing the possibility of turning off DualSense with one click appeared on Reddit just five days ago and caused a real stir. There, in the comments, it is also reported that the sound is muted. The branch has gained almost 5 thousand "likes" and over 370 comments during these days.

Source: Comicbook, TweakTown, Reddit

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