Research: Xbox Series is more popular than PS5 in the US, but globally almost twice as small as Sony

The confrontation between Sony and Microsoft consoles has been going on for almost twenty years. Companies are actively competing for markets, and judging by a new study, Microsoft still managed to bite off a larger piece in one of the key regions - the United States. 

GamingSmart has published its report on console sales for the past two months, and at the moment PlayStation 5 remains the undisputed leader. If we talk only about PS5 and Xbox Series, then the Sony platform already occupies 65% of the market. At the same time, Xbox Series X | S has just under 35%. And only in the US Microsoft managed to win 50.18%, while Sony's 49.8%.

All of this does not mean that this alignment will continue in the long term, but it clearly indicates that Sony has been better at supplying and could once again become the leader in terms of the number of consoles sold in this generation if it can provide a solid line of titles.

In addition to the US, Xbox Series X | S is also popular in Mexico, China, and several smaller countries. In terms of specific numbers, GamingSmart estimates that Microsoft sold 2.4 million consoles, while Sony managed to sell 4.48 million consoles.

You can view the full table with the percentage of sales here. It's too early to draw any conclusions about long-term success, as Microsoft is only swinging. For this generation, the company has bought many studios, including Bethesda and other ZeniMax teams, whose games will only begin shipping in 2022-23.

In addition, Microsoft is betting on the GamePass subscription, providing access to top games at a price many times lower than buying titles separately. It is difficult to say how such a model will work, but there is definitely potential. Especially when games like Starfield, The Elder Scrolls VI and similar blockbusters start coming out.

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