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Microsoft Edge 91.0.864.1 in the dev channel as the last 91 version
Systernals: Sysmon 13.10, Autoruns 13.99, TCPView 4.01, Procmon 3.70 and WinObj 3.03
ScreenToGif 2.28 is available for download with many changes
Apple confirms iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 will be released next week
Microsoft Edge - Customize Toolbar is further optimized
VirtualBox 6.1.20 is available for download as a maintenance update
Android 12 will free up space on the mobile for us, do you know how?
Visual Studio 2022: New features and preview officially announced
AMD Adrenalin 2020 21.4.1 graphics driver is available for download with many new features
Nintendo Switch (Lite): Update to firmware version 12.0.1 is available
Revolution for Google: Android gets Windows standard functionality
Visual Studio 2022 starts in summer as a preview in x64
Firefox: Mozilla releases version 88.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux
Thunderbird 78.10.0 fixes security vulnerabilities and more
QNAP introduces ZFS-based QuTS hero h4.5.2
Firefox 88 and 78.10 ESR are already available for download [Update: Changelog]
FRITZ! Box 5530 Fiber gets FRITZ! OS 7.26 as a maintenance update
Microsoft Edge: Optimize Load Speed, Responsiveness, Memory, CPU, and Battery Usage by Activating Performance Mode in System Settings
iOS 15: 10 Features We Wanna See This Year
Performance mode in Microsoft Edge as a new optimization