How to make Mobile TV Remote Complete information in Hindi

You all know that the remote runs on a non-chargeable battery, due to which we need to buy a battery when the charging is over, and in addition, if the remote of your TV gets damaged, then in such a situation we have to buy a new one from the market.  Have to buy a remote.  

But if you have an Android mobile then you will not need to buy a new remote for your TV. In today's time almost everyone has the phone always available, so why not take advantage of that phone.  Today big companies like Mi (Xiaomi) and Samsung give such features inbuilt in their mobile, so that you can control your TV, AC and DTH etc., and that feature is called 'Infrared sensor'

How to make Mobile TV Remote?

 If you have mobile phone with infrared sensor then you can make your phone as mobile remote to control tv or d2h.  For that you have to download an app.  Similarly, we will tell you about some apps that will help your mobile become a TV remote.  After downloading any of these apps from the Play Store, you can use your mobile as a TV remote and if none of these works in your mobile, then it means that your phone has an infrared sensor.  feature is not provided.  Some of these best apps are as follows-
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 Universal TV Remote App
Remote Control For TV
Android TV Remote Control By Google
Anymote Universal Remote
Roku Remote
Unified Remote
Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control
Sure Universal Smart TV Remote Control
Smart Remote IR
Easy Universal TV Remote

App Source From : Google Play Stor

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How to play TV from mobile?

Some companies provide the feature of infrared sensor in their mobile phone itself.  Two of them are from Samsung and Mi.  If you want to know how to play TV in mobile, then you have to follow the points given below.

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