corona new veriant omicron ditaile

 Coronavirus has brought not only India but the whole world to its knees. As the world starts getting back on track, a new variant of the virus emerges. This time the reason for concern is the new variant of Coronavirus Omicron (Coronavirus New Variant Name Omicron) Which can mutate up to 30 times. The Ministry of Health is also concerned about this,

because the effectiveness of the vaccine on this has not been confirmed yet. It is being told that the spread of Delta Variant will be as much in 100 days.

 corona infection affected many things, from the economy to the education sector, there was a huge loss. 


આજની કોરોના કેસ અપડેટજુઓ

New variants of corona virus infection have caused a lot of devastation in the world. India also recorded a lot of deaths during the second wave.

However, now the situation is under control. But there has been a stir due to the emergence of another new form of corona virus. The World Health Organization has named this variant 'Omicron'. Scientists say that due to the rapid mutation, this new variant has been.

What is this new variant of Corona and where did it come from?

According to scientists, this new variant of corona virus infection mutates very fast, which is much more than the old variant. This variant mutates rapidly 30 times, which can cause big trouble for any country. The reason and place of the birth of this new variant are being searched by the scientists.


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