Xbox Series X: Mini Fridge Goes Into Mass Production Soon

Since the Xbox Series X was often compared to a refrigerator after its release, Microsoft built a real Xbox-style refrigerator in October. Now a mini version of the so-called Xbox Series X Fridge is to be produced in series.

The social media platform Twitter recently held a kind of competition in which users could decide in several rounds which of two brands was the better brand. In the final, Xbox and Skittles were available. Microsoft had promised its fans before the vote that the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge would be produced in series and can be purchased if Xbox receives more votes than Skittles.

The promise seems to have been well received by some users. Xbox was able to secure 50.5 percent of the vote and narrowly beat Skittles. Twitter has awarded the gaming platform the "Best Brand" title.

The first model is to go to Skittles

Just minutes after the poll ended, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg thanked the Twitter users who voted. He emphasizes that the Redmond company will keep its promise and produce numerous copies of the mini-fridges. The first model is filled with games and shipped to the Skittles team.

The YouTuber "Stallion83" received a copy of the miniature refrigerator a few weeks ago. In an unboxing video, it shows what the device looks like. So far, however, it is still unclear at what price the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge will be available and what quantities the Redmond-based company would like to produce. In addition, it remains to be seen when the first series of models of the refrigerator will see the light of day. Microsoft is likely to announce further details on this in the coming weeks or months.

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