WSLg - Starting Linux programs directly under Windows 10 is now possible

It's interesting to see the energy Microsoft is working with to get Linux to work under Windows 10. We are all familiar with WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux). WSLg (Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI) now follows.

This makes it possible to start Linux programs directly under Windows 10. “While users today can achieve this with multiple systems, with individual PCs designed for Windows and Linux, with virtual machines that host either Windows or Linux or with an XServer that runs on Windows and is projected in WSL WSLg an integrated, user-friendly, and productive alternative."

Microsoft has currently integrated this function in the new Insider. WSLg was described in detail on GitHub. So I don't want to go into it any deeper.

But seriously, did any of you think that WSL, or now WSL 2, would one day be pushed by the Redmonders? Don't give up. I had it back then rather than snap ideaCrafting fun viewed. But Microsoft was probably thinking a lot of further back then. If you consider that you are now using Winget, the Windows Terminal, which will later be integrated directly into Windows 10, and others from Microsoft, you can really imagine that it was no tinkering fun after all.

Now it is up to the Linux developers to support the function of WSLg.

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