Windows 10 released a new way to restart the system "Restart applications after logging in", do you know what it will do?

The system will have a new method that has had its competence for decades. The decade-old restart function on Windows PC is going to have a new interface and know how it will be in this article.

The Microsoft operating system continues to work on new functionalities to make the use of the operating system more comfortable, and also to make it more efficient, something that is not always achieved with the functionalities that are currently available to us in the operating system. Now we know that version 21H2 has a new function to restart our computer, which although it is not new in other operating systems, it will offer a real improvement within Windows 10 computers, allowing us to do something that we have been waiting for years. in Windows 10. This is a new restart mode that allows us to continue where we left off at the time of restart.

Pick up where you left off

As with other operating systems or apps, it is normal that these go to beta phases where users can test the new functions before they reach all users. Windows 10 also has one of these "preview" programs where there are currently many functions that will reach the system in the coming months. And one of the most striking has to do with restarting the operating system. As you know for years Windows has had several options in this menu, basically offering the option to turn off the system, restart it or suspend it.

Well, now a fourth functionality is going to join, which Mac users know very well, but which has not been lavished on Windows in this time. In the images that have been filtered of this functionality, we have been able to verify that now under the current functions we will have the possibility of clicking on a fourth button. This will be called "Restart applications after logging in" which is something that will be very useful in the daily use of the computer. It is a functionality with a clear utility, and when we select it, the applications that were open at the time of the restart will reopen in the same way, and at the same point, they were when the system was restarted.

This means that we can restart the system simply to recover some of the lost performance, and most importantly, without giving up the status of the applications that we have open at all times. Now every time we restart the operating system, all applications and the sessions that are started within them are closed. In this way, if we have documents open for example in Photoshop, tabs open in a web browser, or other content, these will appear again when the computer is restarted, while it will have recovered all its original speed as in the rest of the system restarts.

Windows 10 is also going to release a new system folder, called something like "Windows Tools" where all the system tools will be brought together, to be able to have them all at hand and not have to get lost in the system menus to access they. Features that will arrive in the 21H2 update, for which we will still have to wait sometime since, for example, the 21H1 version must still reach users thereby next May.

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