Windows 10 OneDrive now also as a 64-bit version [Download]

It took a while until Microsoft officially made OneDrive.setup available for download as a 64-bit (x64) version. It is a preview and currently the 21.62.328.1, which is not suitable for ARM devices.

To use the 64-bit version of the OneDrive client, you need a computer with an x64 (AMD64) processor running 64-bit Windows. It is important to note here that although Windows systems on ARM devices use 64-bit architecture, they do not yet support applications designed for x64 processors. In this case, you will have to keep using the 32-bit client. Microsoft continues to work on x64 emulation for ARM64 devices and the technology is currently being tested by insiders on the Dev Channel.

You can download the version via this link: "To switch from the 32-bit to the 64-bit version (or vice versa), you need to make sure that the installed OneDrive version is the same as the current one or a newer one."


More on this in the techcommunity article.

Microsoft has also delivered OneDrive as a 32-bit version in Windows 10 earlier. A new installer is now available as an AMD64 (x64-x86) version. The installer decides whether the 32-bit or 64-bit version is used.

This version is later for the insiders. However, this can also be installed as normal. The AppDataLocalMicrosoftOneDrive location remains. In addition, a new folder amd64 is then created with the FileSyncShell64.dll.

The OneDrive.exe itself is digitally signed from December 11th, 2020. So it's still very "fresh". In the Task Manager, after starting, you can no longer see Microsoft OneDrive (32-bit), but only Microsoft OneDrive. Here is the direct download link.

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