Windows 10 Device Manager: Devices come by driver and driver by type

As early as January we reported that the device manager was getting new sorting options in the view. Hidden back then, it has now been officially integrated.

So far in the dev-insider. But since this change has now really been implemented, it can be assumed that it will be activated for everyone at the latest with Windows 10 21H2 (if not earlier). The insider versions are the "playground" for the Redmond-based company and the functions can also be backported.

The new sorting of devices by driver or driver by type also gives the context menu a new entry. Here you can not only "simply" install drivers, but also add drivers. Here you can select a location where the drivers are located and these will then be added.

The description says: "All drivers found at the specified location will be added to the system and installed on all suitable devices."

If a driver is installed, the entry "Remove driver" will appear in the context menu. Here you then have the option of completely deleting the driver without having to take detours, e.g. via the DriverStore Explorer.

Actually, a good idea from Microsoft to add these possibilities to the already old device manager. Actually shows that we will probably have it in the system for a while. If you have the current Windows 10 21343 installed, you can take a look yourself.

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