WhatsApp: Beware of this message from technical support & this number

WhatsApp is increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. If you receive a message from technical support, you should be careful. We'll show you why.

WhatsApp users should be wary of fake support messages

  • Cybercriminals are after your WhatsApp account.
  • They pretend to be technical support and contact you via SMS.

A new scam has emerged in the United States that cybercriminals use to try to take over WhatsApp accounts. As a victim reported on Reddit, he received a text message from an unknown number.

The sender posed as technical support from WhatsApp and explained that there was a request to transfer his WhatsApp account to a new device. Now it has to be clarified whether this request actually comes from him.

The affected user replied, as requested in the SMS, with "No". He then received a message that he was about to receive a 6-digit code via SMS that he would have to forward to technical support to authenticate his account.

This is a well-known trick that cybercriminals use to hack your WhatsApp account. You are not allowed to forward the code under any circumstances. Also, don't be fooled by threats that your account will be deleted.

This is what the fraudulent message looks like

If you are unsure whether a message really means WhatsApp support, you should contact them. Use the options mentioned in our article "WhatsApp: How to contact support" and do not reply directly to a message sent to you. This is how you make sure that you really speak to customer service.

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