Visual Studio 2022 starts in summer as a preview in x64

Microsoft announced today that it intends to provide the first Visual Studio 2022 Preview this summer. This will then only be available as a 64-bit version. This might be a little disappointing for 32-bit users.

However, it will still be able to create 32-bit applications if you want to. The advantage is obvious because Visual Studio can then use more than 4 GB of RAM. "We're also working to make every part of your workflow faster and more efficient, from loading solutions to F5 debugging."

  • The user interface is updated and modernized.
  • Updated icons for better clarity, legibility and contrast.
  • Cascadia Code, a new fixed-width font for readability and ligature support. (If you like, you can try Cascadia Code today!
  • Updated and improved product themes.
  • Detect accessibility issues before they even reach your end-users.
  • Full support of .NET 6. This includes the .NET Multiplatform App UI (.NET MAUI) for cross-platform client apps on Windows, Android, macOS and iOS.
  • And much more.

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