VirtualBox 6.1.20 is available for download as a maintenance update

VirtualBox received an update to the new version 6.1.20 today. Fixed a number of issues. Therefore, like the last version, it was declared as a maintenance update.

  • VMM: Fixed extremely poor VM performance depending on the timing of various actions
  • VMM: Fixed: Guest operating system hangs under certain circumstances when Hyper-V is active
  • VMM: Fixed a Guru Meditation bug when using a nested hypervisor under certain circumstances
  • VMM: Fixed a SMAP-related host panic affecting Solaris 11.4 systems with Intel Haswell CPUs or higher
  • OCI: Added support for cloud init when exporting to OCI and when creating OCI instances
  • GUI: The function "Delete all files", which Logs / VBoxUI.log leaves behind, has been corrected
  • Audio: Several fixes and improvements
  • Audio: Fixed detection of duplex audio devices under macOS
  • Network: Corrected connection status message for "not connected" adapters
  • Network: Fixed connectivity problems with e1000 in OS / 2 guests
  • Network: Fixed compatibility problem with VxWorks e1000 drivers
  • Network: Corrected checks of the GUI for port forwarding rules that reject IPv6 with "Nat Network"
  • DHCP: No more crash with fixed address assignments
  • Serial: Fixed possible VM hang when using a serial interface in disconnected mode
  • Webcam: Corrected interoperability with v4l2loopback and fixes a crash under certain circumstances
  • NVMe: Sporadic hang or restart of the Windows VM with high CPU load fixed
  • VBoxManage: Allows changing the network adapter connection of a saved VM with "modifyvm"
  • vboximg-mount: Fix for the processing of arguments in order to consider the option '–root'
  • Linux host and guest: Support of kernel versions 5.11 and 5.12
  • Linux host: Maximum MTU size increased to 16110 for pure host adapters on Linux kernel 4.10+
  • Linux guest extensions: Fix vboxvideo module compilation for kernel version 5.10.x
  • Linux guest additions: Corrected kernel module creation for RHEL 8.4 beta and CentOS Stream

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