Update Visual C ++ Redistributable Runtimes with the VisualCppRedist AIO

The Visual C ++ Redistributable Runtimes are necessary so that some programs can even start under Windows. But over time, there are also some outdated versions that are actually no longer needed. The VisualCppRedist AIO from abbodi can help here.

The installed installer.cmd checks after the start which versions are installed and removes incompatible Visual C ++ runtimes. The current versions will then be installed. The advantage is that everything can be done in one go without having to start the individual installers or updates. I have to admit, I haven't bothered about it in a long time.

Today abbodi made the new version 0.46.0 available for download. This version now also supports Windows 10 ARM64 (only VC ++ x86 is taken into account). And the current Visual C ++ 2019 Redistributable - 14.29.30030.0 has been added.

And that's how it works (as shown in the above images):

  • Download and unzip the VisualCppRedist_AIO_x86_x64_46.zip.
  • Unpack the VisualCppRedist_AIO_x86_x64.exe for example with 7-zip.
  • Now start the install.cmd as administrator with a right click.
  • In the cmd window, confirm the query with Y = Yes and it starts in the background.

Then you can then look in the Settings -> Apps or in the old control panel and you can see the updates. Maybe to make a screenshot in advance as a comparison. You can't remember the whole numbers.

Info and download:

Windows XP is no longer supported. New: Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable - 14.29.30030.0. Added detection support for Windows 10 ARM64 (only VC++ x86 will be processed).

File: VisualCppRedist_AIO_x86_x64.exe

SHA-1: a9b8382fc3e97f3f7d39aa318c71550bd7abd5ee

SHA-256: acf213052ad2978a648b17029b9b4a63b153cd3c58476815776169953d4c41f2

File: VisualCppRedist_AIO_x86_x64_46.zip

SHA-1: 1e7d034ff8c777912fc05f72befc8111a144b98e

SHA-256: ff872dd3064d429da689def3ee6808e7f732bcc59a8e76a4ce6ee9bd2c62c0fd

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