There is already a date for the launch of Clubhouse on Android mobiles, do you know when?

The fashion social network will have an official application in the coming weeks.

Clubhouse is one of the fashionable social networks at the beginning of 2021, which has given, not only so that its users grow constantly thanks to a really efficient invitation system, but has also served as a hook to fish victims within the territory Android, through supposed official apps created by hackers that contained malware with which to infect devices from all over the world.

So with this background, it is normal for us to take this news with great caution, which, luckily, it seems that they have been verified thanks to messages posted on social networks by workers of the Clubhouse itself. Specifically, a designer who has shown screens of what seems to be the official version for Android.

Ready in a few weeks

It has been one of the Android developers within Clubhouse who has shown how the work of the app for the Google operating system is going. With a brief "How did it start, how is it going", he wanted to announce that the second of the captures corresponds to the version for Android devices, specifically sent from a Pixel from Mountain View, so it is already operational at the level. internal.

In addition to these captures, other messages have appeared where it is explained more precisely that the tests of that Android build have been offering great results for weeks and, more specifically, warning that "it is working very well". Does that mean that we are facing a launch more than imminent? By itself it does not give that feeling, but some media interpret that it does.

The Android version appears, according to those who are working on it, stable, which could mean an imminent launch in a very few weeks. Keep in mind that practically in 15 days we will already be within the month of May and, from there, only count the days until a potential premiere in the Android store. Specifically, Clubhouse for Android could reach the Google Play Store in May and surely already without invitations as a means to register. In this way, it will not be necessary to meet anyone to enter those rooms where classes, talks, conversations, courses and all kinds of content supported by audio are given, as if they were podcasts.

And it is that one of the advantages of Clubhouse, which has surely allowed it to grow so much in recent times, has to do with the absence of negativity, haters and offensive comments. When dealing with talks and conversations, there are no comments published in the heat of anger or anything similar and, above all, it helps that those who participate in it do so with their name, surname and real photos. So those madmen that populate Twitter and other social networks will not be able to hide behind any nick.

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