Sony PlayStation 5: First Update Delivers Memory Expansion & More

Sony announced today that the first major system update for the Playstation 5 will be made available tomorrow. This should deliver numerous innovations. A big point with the update should be the possibility of memory expansion. With this new feature, PS5 games can be transferred from the console's internal storage to an extended USB storage device.

PS5 games can be seamlessly copied back to the console's internal storage. Reinstalling PS5 games from extended USB storage is faster than downloading them again or copying them from a disc. The update also provides new social features. PS4 and PS5 players can now use Share Play together. The Game Base menu has been improved to allow quicker access to important content and functions.

As Sony also announces, there are new functions for the Playstation app. A complete detailed overview of the contents of the upcoming update can be found on the Playstation Blog.

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