RiMS Racing announced: This time it's all about motorcycles

Nacon has announced the racing game RiMS Racing. This time it's all about motorcycles and only about them. The set of promises is standard - an extensive selection of motorcycles, detailed pumping, realistic physics, career mode, and so on.

Winning a race isn't just about skill on the track. You need to become not just a racer, but also learn to understand the behavior of your motorcycle like a real mechanic. Thrust, angle, braking, torque, trajectory, speed. Each of these factors must be considered before going to the workshop to replace certain parts and their layout.

The development is being carried out by the Italian Raceward Studio, which has done absolutely nothing before. True, its employees are industry veterans, according to the official website.

Release RiMS Racing will be held August 19 at the PC, PS5, Xbox Series, Switch and consoles of the last generation.

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