On April 20 Apple would launch its new iMac with Apple M1 CPUs in a variety of colors

On April 20 Apple will hold a new event where the announcement of several new devices is expected, and among them, the launch of its new completely redesigned iMac is expected, and it is that the design changes, the option of being able to choose them in a large variety of colors, and of course, the most drastic change, the abandonment of Intel's x86 platform to use ARM processors manufactured at home, the Apple M1, well, actually they would release a vitamin version that would have been baptized as Apple M1X.

As indicated, we will have two iMac models: a 23-inch and a 31.5-inch. Each of them will have different variants that involve expanding the system with a greater amount of RAM, storage, etc., and not knowing if you can choose between the Apple M1 and Apple M1X CPUs since at the beginning of this month Geekbench could be seen 5 an iMac with the most basic CPU.

With the Apple M1X, we will be facing more powerful silicon than that already seen in laptops, where here we will have a total of 12 cores for the CPU, of which 8 will be high performance (FireStorm) compared to 4 low consumption (Thunder) While in laptops and in the Mac Mini we have a 4 + 4 core configuration.

Along with these new iMac, the macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta 5 operating system and the new iPad Pro and iPad Mini tablets are expected to be announced alongside other devices.

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