Office 2021: Microsoft is now making the first preview available

Microsoft has not only been concentrating on Office 365 since yesterday, but the online version of the popular office software is still not without an offline alternative. Because the classic standalone variant is (still) offered. The preview for Office 2021 is now available.

In addition to Windows, Office is and will remain the flagship product of the Redmond company and will remain so. Nevertheless, the how has shifted significantly in recent years, because Microsoft wants to persuade users and companies to take out an Office 365 subscription, the conventional variant of the suite is at best only a marginal phenomenon in the company's communication. Microsoft has promised, however, that nothing will fundamentally be changed in the availability of the "old" Office.

Currently, this means that a new version will be published in autumn, and you can test it now (how can be found here). Because Microsoft has released the Office Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) for Windows Office 2021 for Mac as a public preview. In one Microsoft writes in a blog post about the preview that Office LTSC has all the functions of its predecessor, plus a "share of new functions that are already available in Microsoft 365 apps for companies".

Office 2021 and Office LTSC bring dark mode with them

The reference to "Microsoft 365 apps for companies" is of course no coincidence: Because "commercial preview" does not mean that it is intended for end or private customers, officially it is about use in companies or its test.

Offline office

Despite Office 2021, Microsoft would like to persuade corporate customers to switch to the online suite, which is why the offline version is also explicitly intended for scenarios in which you have to get by without the Internet. The price of Office 2021 will also be increased slightly, the support period is - as with Windows 10 LTSC - five years (previously it was seven).

Microsoft does not specifically state which new features the updated version offers. Previously, however, it was announced that Office 2021 will bring dynamic arrays and XLOOKUP in Excel, support for dark mode in several applications, and performance improvements in Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

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