Nvidia Grace is the company's first ARM-based CPU

Nvidia has made one of its most important revelations at GTC 2021, it is about its next Grace CPU based on ARM technology and which will be launched in 2023.

Nvidia Grace is the company's first ARM-based CPU and is due out in 2023

The green company is not only focused on making GPUs, it also designs DPUs and CPUs. Nvidia made a very important reveal, which is their upcoming ARM-based CPU architecture called Grace.

This revelation follows the announcement of the acquisition of ARM by Nvidia. Apparently, the green team is not going to wait for this acquisition to go ahead to make announcements about the ARM.

This is one of the first forays would be for Nvidia to design its own ARM-based CPU. Currently, this chip achieves a performance in SPECrate2017_int_base of more than 300 points.

Nvidia says that its Grace processor is focused on offering bandwidth higher than that offered by AMD and Intel through its NVLink interconnect. Grace is going to deliver superior CPU-to-CPU and CPU-to-GPU bandwidth speeds. This will allow accelerating workloads and working with GPU clusters that accelerate larger and larger data.

The key advantage will be NVLink, which can offer bandwidths higher than PCI Express. Grace processors will also use LPDDR5x memories. Compared to x86-based GDX systems, memory-to-GPU communications reach 2,000 GB / s compared to 64 GB / s today.

According to Nvidia, the ALPS supercomputer from the Swiss National Computing Center is going to be the first to use Grace processors in 2023 and will deliver 20 Exaflops performance in AI computing.

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