⚠ MSI Russia reduces the warranty of its graphics cards from 3 years to 6 months

The MSI Russia division has made a somewhat controversial decision, where 18 models of graphics cards in that country have seen their warranty reduced from three years to 6 months.

The PC Gamer report claims that MSI has drastically lowered the warranty on its graphics cards, from three years to six months.

MSI shared the news on the company's warranty website, although it did not elaborate on why. The graphics cards with the modification in their guarantee do not discriminate by brand and those affected are those Nvidia from the Turing and Ampere series, in addition to those Polaris and Navi graphics from AMD.

MSI Russia shared the news on the company's guarantee website but did not share its exact reasoning. The list includes the Polaris and Navi cards from AMD, as well as the Turing and the latest Ampere from Nvidia, which represent some of the best graphics cards for gaming.

The reasons for making this decision have not been confirmed, but we can already imagine what it has been. Cryptocurrency mining is booming and many buyers use it exclusively for mining. This means that these graphics cards work 24/7 mining, which adds a great wear to all the components of a graphics card much faster than if it is used for video games, where the sessions are much shorter.

With this decision, MSI Russia heals in health for future graphics that may be defective due to the intensive use of miners. We cannot rule out that this decision will carry over to the rest of the world for all MSI graphics cards, or that even other manufacturers will adopt similar measures. We will keep you informed.

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