Microsoft releases new React Native Gallery in the Microsoft Store

For developers who are interested in the various options for developing Windows 10 apps, Microsoft has long been offering various sample apps in the Microsoft Store to get an overview of the individual features.

One of the better-known apps is certainly the Windows Community Toolkit Sample App, but others like the XAML Controls Gallery have long been available in the Microsoft Store.

Last Friday, Microsoft released the React Native Gallery, a new sample app in the Microsoft Store, which is intended to give developers an insight into the JavaScript framework from Facebook. As is well known, Microsoft maintains its own variant of the framework with React Native for Windows (or React Native UWP), which has been optimized for the special requirements of Windows 10 and above all with a special focus on performance.

Many of you have probably already noticed the positive effect with the new Xbox app, which was initially a fairly slow Electron app and later became noticeably faster with the switch to React Native UWP.

In addition to the new React Native Gallery, Microsoft finally released the WinUI 3 Controls Gallery in the Microsoft Store a few weeks ago. So far, the successor to the XAML Controls Gallery, which also takes up all relevant points about Project Reunion, had to be installed manually. As always, the link to both new apps can be found under the post.

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