Microsoft .NET 5.0.5 Runtime / 5.0.202 SDK / 3.1.13 LTS / 6.0 Preview 3 [Manual Download]

Briefly informed: Yesterday Microsoft made the .NET 6.0 Preview 3 available for download. Three days ago the .NET 5.0.5 was more of a maintenance update. Everything under the umbrella of .NET Core. .NET Core SDKs and .NET Core Runtime Packages contain all the necessary components to develop and run applications developed in the Microsoft .NET Core environment.

Developer: Microsoft (USA)
License: Free
Version: 5.0.5 Runtime / 5.0.202 SDK / 3.1.13 LTS / 6.0 Preview 3
Updated: 2021-04-09
Systems: Windows / MacOS / Linux
Interface: English

With the .NET development environment, you can create a variety of applications, including web applications and games. Such applications can be developed for all common platforms: Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS, and Linux. Ready-made apps can be hosted in app stores, or deployed to computers, servers, or mobile devices.

NET Core lets you build applications in C #, F #, and Visual Basic by integrating into Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, or Vim. Support for the .NET Standard specification makes .NET Core compatible with the .NET Framework and Mono APIs.

The platform is open source. It can be used for personal needs, as well as educational or commercial purposes.

Features of .NET Core:

  • Versions available for Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • APIs for many scenarios.
  • .NET Framework compatibility.
  • Open source.
  • Flexible development environment.
  • Command line programs.

.NET Core Composition:

  • An SDK that includes .NET CLI tools, ASP.NET Core runtime, and .NET Core framework and runtime.
  • NET Core runtime and framework libraries.
  • ASP.NET Core runtime and framework libraries.

What's New?

New in version 6.0 Preview 3 (04/09/2021):

New in version 5.0.5 (04/06/2021):

New in version 5.0.0 (10.11.2020):

  • Microsoft .NET 5.0 Release: Performance Improvements and Support for Windows ARM64 and WebAssembly
    • Multiple performance improvements. Microsoft has published a detailed analysis with test results. The sorting algorithm and performance of the Just in Time compiler have improved significantly.
    • Improved performance for .NET libraries such as JSON serialization, regular expressions, HTTP.
    • Reduced P95 latency through improvements in areas such as garbage collection or tiered compilation.
    • Improved application deployment options such as Server Core container images, single-file applications, and reduced container image sizes.
    • Added support for Windows ARM64 and WebAssembly platforms.
    • Improvements to C # 9 and F # 5 languages.
  • Changelog (english, github)
  • .NET Core New Features (English, official site)

System Requirements

Useful Link

Downloads for .NET Framework and .NET Core, including ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core

.NET 6 Preview Download, Want to try out the latest preview? .NET 6.0.0-preview.3 is available here.

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