Microsoft Edge: Optimize Load Speed, Responsiveness, Memory, CPU, and Battery Usage by Activating Performance Mode in System Settings

So far, Microsoft has focused on trimming the Edge browser to be economical when it comes to the use of resources. Since Microsoft has been working on the Chromium project, the general CPU and RAM consumption of the Chromium engine has already been reduced significantly, from which Google Chrome and all other Chromium-based browsers have also benefited. The last optimization was the introduction of the "tabs in the idle state" in version 89 of Edge.

There is a new feature in the Canary version of Edge called Performance Mode, which is described as follows:

“In performance mode, you can optimize speed, response speed, memory, CPU and battery utilization. Performance improvements may vary depending on your individual specifications and browsing habits."

The description does not make you really smart, but you can assume that Microsoft Edge uses resources less sparingly when the performance mode is activated in order to achieve a higher speed in return. In a short blog post you can read that the settings for the tabs are deactivated in sleep mode when the performance mode is switched on.

The performance mode currently offers the settings "Always activated" and "Always deactivated" - it would be logical if there was also an option that activates it depending, for example, on whether the device is connected to the power supply or is running on battery.

In order to see the setting shown above, the link to Edge Canary must be supplemented with the parameter "–enable-features = msPerformanceModeToggle" - as with the work areas that are also still experimental.

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