Kindle finally release one of the most demanded functions that will help readers to enjoy reading e-books more

Reading e-books has become completely commonplace for millions of readers around the world. Although there are still many who appreciate the touch of a physical book, the impact that electronic books already have among readers is undeniable. The ability to carry thousands of titles in a single device, and to benefit from electronic ink screens that look almost like a printed sheet, has elevated this format in recent years. Although users of electronic books would undoubtedly prefer more realism to the experience of reading books in this way, something that perhaps the function that Amazon is now going to add to their Kindle will contribute to.

What is new about it?

With an electronic book, we gain many things compared to the traditional book, but we also lose them. Especially those more visual and facing the people around us. Although it is not the most common, many readers love the covers of their books, whether they show an image or a simple text, being able to feel them and feel identified with them can be very rewarding. And if we are also proud of what we are reading and we want everyone to know it, the idea is that we read the book with its original covers. The problem is that when reading an electronic book none of this is shown to the outside unless we go through the first page of the book, its cover, something we normally do only once.

Even when we stop reading the books, a screensaver image usually appears on the screen, or if it is one of those Kindle purchased with advertising, the cover of other books that are in promotion at that time. Although the most demanded by Kindle users in recent years was that the cover of the book, its cover, its virtual cover could be shown on the idle screen. Although Amazon has announced that this functionality will arrive in a couple of weeks to most Kindle, many users are already seeing it on their devices. This feature allows you to view the book cover on the screen when your Kindle is idle.

Those who have already been able to access the function have version 5.13.5 installed in their Amazon e-books and must have the eighth generation Kindle or later, the seventh generation Kindle Paperwhite or later, the eighth generation Kindle Oasis or later, and Kindle Voyage 7th generation or later. An important aspect is that our Kindle must have been purchased without advertising, in that case, the ads from Amazon and its book store will continue to be displayed instead of the cover of what we are reading. It is the price to pay to save a few euros when we get one of Amazon's e-books. Undoubtedly a feature that many had been waiting for for a long time, it was time for some more visibility of the art of each of the books.

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