KB5003397 [Manual download] Windows 10 21364.1000 is available as an update [Update]

Microsoft has surprisingly provided an update for the Dev-Insider. KB5003397 increases the version number to 21364.1000. But it is still the co_release and not a rs_prerelease, as is usual with a * .1000.

As is often the case, this is only a test for the update function. Because of the * .1000 one could speculate that Microsoft is now simulating a start of the new Windows 10 2 2 3xx with it. Because with the 223xx it will soon continue with the substructure of the Windows 10 22H1. Then again in rs_prelease.

Everything else about Windows 10 21364 and its changes can be found in this post. PS: The .NET Framework update still fails. Microsoft has not changed anything yet.

[Update]: The problem with the slow opening of the file explorer etc. when WSL is activated has probably been solved by the update. As Rainman1974 reported in our comments and I also noticed, everything starts as usual.

Manual download of KB5003401 as SSU

Manual download of KB5003397

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