Instagram prepares support for links in Stories, but there is a catch

The stickers with links are about to reach Instagram stories. Once again, programmer Alessandro Paluzzi unraveled the app and found the new option for sharing web addresses in temporary social network publications - but it may not be exactly as users expected.

The novelty was included in the dedicated sticker drawer - along with music, donation, location, mentions, and others. At first glance, the dedicated link seems to be a solution for users who are not yet eligible for the famous “drag up”, however, Alessandro Paluzzi hopes that the novelty will also present the same restrictions.

In practice, the sticker with links would work in the same way as the exclusive gesture for users with more than 10,000 followers: when clicking on the link, the user will be quickly directed to the attached web page - which, probably, would also work for the web version and Instagram Lite. The similarities, in turn, can be a disappointment for users of the platform with fewer followers, since they will still be left out in the tool.

There is no information about the feature other than the print and the Paluzzi experience. The novelty was probably hidden underlines of code and, somehow, the developer managed to rescue it to expose in the sticker drawer. Some of the possibilities about your difference may be in the number of links in the same story - useful for displaying catalogs - as well as integrating the addressable label with some image.

Therefore, it is not known whether the addition will result in a change in the Instagram experience. For now, it remains only to wait until the resource is properly presented by the platform to understand its differences.

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