Google Chrome Reminders - New view of the history in the browser

The Google Chrome in the stable has switched to version 90 and the Canary is now on the road with version 92 and with a new function - reminders.

If you have the current version 92.0.4479.0 installed, can search for memories under chrome://flags and set them to Enabled. After a restart, you can then enter chrome: // memories in the address bar and start. In the process, every single link that you visited is listed.

In the reminders, the progress is shown in a box view. If you have called up several pages on a website, you can then easily expand them. As you can see in my picture, I don't use Chrome that often.

The overview of the individual boxes also describes exactly where the link comes from. Either from the history, a tab group or the favorites. As in the course, you also have a search function here to find a link again. The prerequisite is of course that you have not deleted the history.

At first, this view takes some getting used to. But compared to the course, you save a lot of time here by having to scroll less. It will be interesting to see how Google will expand this function further.

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