G Data Internet Security 2020

G Data Internet Security is a comprehensive antivirus with Bitdefender engine and CloseGap technology. Provides reliable online protection against viruses, hackers, spam and all Internet threats using cloud-based and proactive technologies.

Developer: G DATA CyberDefense (Germany)
License: Trial version (30 days) / 3 months free
Price: from 1000 rubles / year (1 pc)
Updated: 2020-10-19
Systems: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 32 | 64-bit
Interface: English
Category: Free Antivirus Software
Size: 15.1 MB (online install)

G Data Internet Security - comprehensive protection of devices and data from viruses, Trojans, and other online threats.

Comprehensive antivirus offers the best protection against viruses, keyloggers, thrones and includes a powerful firewall. Regardless of your activity (online banking, online shopping, email), you get one of the best solutions for protecting against online threats: phishing, spam, and spyware.

Improved in the new version, comprehensive exploit protection works in parallel with antivirus protection and protects your computer from the malware that tries to exploit known vulnerabilities in the operating system and installed applications.

Key Benefits of G Data Internet Security

  • Highest level of threat detection
  • Protection against phishing and data theft
  • Safe web surfing, internet banking and online shopping
  • Personal data protection on social networks
  • Easy to install and use
  • Accelerated Launch
  • Parental Control allows you to block visits to unwanted sites
  • Secure deletion of confidential files in one click

Version comparison

Comparison of the features and capabilities of G Data Antivirus (AV), Internet Security (IS), and Total Security (TS).

Features / VersionsAVISTS
Antivirus and antispyware
Behavioral control
Protection from ransomware
Mail antivirus
Vulnerability protection
Secure online shopping and online banking
Update management
Parental control
Cloud backup
System tuning and optimization
Clearing the browser from PUPs
Data encryption
Device control

Key features of G Data Internet Security

Protection against viruses and other online threats

Working in parallel, the advanced security technologies Bitdefender and G Data CloseGap provide the best virus protection you can fully trust.

Optimization: Behavioral monitoring of files and programs

Proactive detection and cloud technologies keep you safe from unknown malware. Now protection works in autopilot mode - just do work or visit the Internet resources, getting the maximum level of security.

Optimized: Instant email protection

Scan messages, even those encrypted over SSL, looking for malicious attachments and other suspicious content.

Protection against security vulnerabilities in installed programs

Reliable protection of your computer from security holes in installed programs thanks to the built-in exploit protection component.

Optimized: Safe Online Shopping & Online Banking

BankGuard technology and anti-keylogger protection ensure optimal protection against unauthorized access to data and theft of sensitive information.

Protection against hacker attacks with a reliable firewall

Monitor incoming and outgoing connections and provide reliable protection against hackers and attacks.

Spam filter to protect against phishing emails and advertising messages

Use anti-spam email protection to block unwanted messages and filter safe emails without the risk of phishing

Optimized: Protecting kids surfing

Limit children's access to sites that are not age-appropriate and prevent your child from excessively surfing the Internet or at the computer.

New: Protection against unauthorized actions with USB devices

Use USB Keyboard Protection to protect USB keyboards from malicious use.

New: Customizable update manager

Determine the types of connections used for updating and avoid additional costs when using UMTS or LTE mobile internet.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 / 8.x / 8/7
  • RAM: at least 1 GB RAM (32 bit), 2 GB RAM (64 bit)
  • An active Internet connection is required to receive updates to the anti-virus databases and program components.

Useful Links to Installation of G Data Internet Security 2020

G Data Internet Security (online installation)

G Data Internet Security (532 MB)

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