From Kareena to Aishwarya, this is Bollywood's most hit Nanad-Bhabhi duo, the number 6 duo is the most out of all

Relationships are very important in all our lives because human life does not happen based on relationship, but later it becomes very integral. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you some of the relationships of Bollywood celebrities,

And that beautiful relationship is Nanad-Bhabhi, yes, there is a lot of discussion about love relationships in general in the film industry, but today we will tell you about beautiful actresses. Bhabhi and Bhabhi's relationship, which is not only a relative but also a very good friend.

Kareena Kapoor-Soha Ali Khan

Bollywood's Kareena Kapoor Khan, who was married to actor Saif Ali Khan a few years back, and now they also have 2 children, who have been a big star kid since childhood. Let me tell you that Saif Ali also has a sister named Zinka,

Although Soha Ali Khan is an actress, she has distanced herself from films after her marriage. By the way, let me also tell you that both Kareena and Soha who are in a relationship, Nanad, and Bhabhi, are often seen together in many places and it seems that their pair is very strong.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan-Shweta Nanda

The couple, who met the Bachchan family, has always been in controversy, but once in a coffee with a car, Shweta told the truth of her relationship with Aishwarya that the two are good friends. Praising Aishwarya, Shweta said, "Aaradhya is doing a lot more than my children at my age. I can see that Bhabhi's decision is very clear."

Twinkle Khanna-Alka Bhatia

Twinkle Khanna, the daughter of gorgeous Bollywood actress Dimple and Rajesh Khanna, the superstar actor of Bollywood has ever married Akshay Kumar and let us know that Akshay also has a sister named Alka Bhatia. It is said that Alka got married recently and let me tell you that Twinkle and Alka are also highly acclaimed.

Sonakshi Sinha-Taruna Agarwal

Shatrughan Sinha's daughter Sonakshi has also set foot in Bollywood now and let me tell you that famous actress Sonakshi Sinha's sister-in-law's name is Taruna Agarwal and the most interesting thing is that the relationship between the two is beautiful but also beautiful.

Gauri Khan-Shahnaz

Although Gauri Khan, the wife of King Khan of Bollywood, is not interested in any acquaintance, let me tell you that Gauri and her sister-in-law Shahnaz have always had a great relationship. Shahnaz usually doesn’t talk much and she too was frustrated by her mother’s death. The two have been seen together many times.

Deepika Padukone-Ritika Singh

Currently, the latest relationship is between Deepika's sister-in-law and her husband Ranveer Singh's sister Ritika. Although let me tell you that Ritika usually prefers to stay away from the limelight but let me tell you that she is very close to her brother Ranveer and so is her sister-in-law Deepika.

Malaika Arora-Arpita Khan

According to the latest information, you may also know that Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan are divorced at the moment, but you may also know that Arpita Khan, the daughter of the Khan family, who is the sister of the family, is more of a real sister. Let it be known that Malaika and Arpita are such good friends that even after their divorce from Arbaaz, the two have often been seen together in different parties, brotherly relationships.

Rani Mukherjee and Jyoti Mukherjee

Apart from this, if we talk about Bollywood's sister-in-law couple, you will hardly know that Rani Mukherjee is very close to her sister-in-law Jyoti. Rani had not been married for a long time because of family responsibilities.

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