FRITZ! Box 6591 and 6660 Cable another laboratory update | April 9, 2021

AVM is probably not yet satisfied and has given the FRITZ! Box 6591 and 6660 Cable a laboratory update. The new Fritz! OS is version 7.24-87529 or 7.24-87531.

A problem in the system with the push service has been fixed. The content of the email was corrected here. That's about it here. AVM would like you to test the new update and, if necessary, give feedback so that Fritz! OS 7.25 can appear soon. Let's see, maybe next week it will be time.

As always, the update comes automatically or can be downloaded from the AVM website.

Info & Download

FRITZ! Box 6591 Cable

  • Language: Multilingual
  • Version: 07.24-87529
  • Last Update Date: 04/09/2021


FRITZ! Box 6660 Cable

  • Language: Multilingual
  • Version: 07.24-87531
  • Last Update Date: 04/09/2021


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