Firefox Stable can now see which settings have changed

The Mozilla organization has added a new option to the about: config page in Firefox Stable that only shows the settings that were changed.

In Firefox Nightly, this option appeared in February 2021.

The page offers powerful options for fine-tuning the Firefox browser. Many of the parameters presented on the page are not available in the standard section "Settings". about:config

Advanced users on this page can enable new features and disable unused functionality. Using configuration files simplifies this task.

Changed parameters were previously displayed on about: config in bold, but until now in Firefox it was not possible to display only them. There was a workaround where the changed settings could be displayed using the developer tools by adding font style filtering. However, this is not the most convenient solution.

In Firefox 71, Mozilla updated the about: config page, but did not include some advanced features such as support for deep links and sorting options.

Now when you open the about: config page in Firefox Stable, you will see the option to display only the changed settings.

Just check the "Show only changed parameters" option in the upper right corner of the browser window to apply the filter on all parameters. Firefox will only show the settings that have been changed in the interface.

Not all parameters can be changed by the user. Many parameters are changed by Firefox itself.

In any case, this is a very useful option as it allows you to quickly view the changed settings.

Partially modified parameters are available on the about: support page, but a new option allows you to display all modified parameters, which is much more convenient.

The ability to display only changed settings is a useful change to help Firefox users using about: config or configuration files to customize the browser.

Do you use about: config a lot in Firefox?

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