Finally official: AVM presents the new FRITZ! Repeater 6000 with Wi-Fi 6

The Berlin network room has something to offer again: AVM has just presented the FRITZ! Repeater 6000 with 4 × 4 WLAN AX and is thus offering the first Wi-Fi 6-capable repeater. The new FRITZ! Repeater is a tri-band repeater with a total of 12 antennas for maximum range and coverage in WLAN.

Thanks to FRITZ! OS, the new model naturally also includes intelligent functions such as WiFi mesh, band steering, crossband repeating and thus takes the WiFi network to the next level. Above all as an access point (LAN bridge), the device becomes a high-end WLAN point. Like its little brother (3000), there are three radio units in the FRITZ! Repeater 6000.

The design of the repeater has not changed much, but there are of course some technical differences. On the one hand the new WLAN AX module and on the other hand a 2.5 Gigabit LAN port on the back to use the LAN speeds of a 5530 or 6660 via LAN, which also have such a port installed.

The name shows what the repeater can do: 6 gigabits via WLAN. The whole thing is divided into three radio units. The 2.4 GHz band can repeat up to 1,200 Mbit / s, the two 5 GHz bands can repeat up to 2,400 Mbit / s. Thanks to the WLAN AX standard and the so-called OFDMA modulation, the device scores particularly well in dense WLAN areas.

The technical details at a glance:

  • Tri-band repeater for Mesh WiFi with WiFi 6
  • Suitable for FRITZ! Box and WLAN routers from other manufacturers
  • Has three radio units: up to 2400 Mbit / s + 2400 Mbit / s at 5 GHz (4 × 4) and up to 1200 Mbit / s at 2.4 GHz (4 × 4)
  • Data rate of up to 6 GBit / s in the WLAN
  • WLAN with a dedicated 5 GHz return channel
  • Support of Wi-Fi 6 (WLAN AX) and older WLAN standards
  • Intelligent mechanisms such as mesh steering ensure optimal WiFi
  • One 2.5 gigabit LAN and one gigabit LAN connection
  • Supports the WLAN encryption standard WPA3
  • Find the right position in your home with FRITZ! App WLAN
  • Easy setup at the push of a button
  • FRITZ! OS with wireless guest access, scheduling, etc. and regular updates
  • Manufacturer's guarantee: 5 years

The repeater can easily be integrated again via WPS. A combination with older routers or other repeaters is of course possible - it would be bad if not. The new FRITZ! Repeater 6000 costs more than expected. The RRP of € 219 is well above the introductory price of the Repeater 3000 of € 129. The device is expected to be available in stores in May.

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