Facebook to launch a new video dating app

Facebook launched Dating last year in markets such as Spain, its own dating section and application so that users on the social network can make a profile on it and thus compete with Tinder. It seems that the social network seeks to go further with a new application called Sparked, which in this case would be for video dating.

Facebook to launch a new video dating app

They would be short video quotes, which would last only four minutes at all times. A different concept for the social network so far.

New app

In Sparked you will have to have a Facebook profile to access these video appointments. If both users liked the four-minute appointment, they can then request a second appointment together, which in this case would last for ten minutes.

If after this appointment both are still interested in the other, details can be shared to stay in touch through the social network.

In addition, this social network seeks to focus on people being friendly and pleasant with others. That is why possibly those profiles that have been mentioned or indicated as trolls or that only seek conflict will be eliminated and cannot use Sparked.

There is no word yet on when Facebook will launch Sparked. The company has not given data in this regard, but it will surely have to wait a series of months until it becomes official. On paper, it sounds like an interesting concept, so we'll have to see what they have in store.

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