Download '3 out of 10: Season Two' for free from the Epic Games Store

Quite a boring day for the Epic Games Store, and is that during the next 7 days the 3 out of 10: Season Two will be available for download, the second part of the title that they had already given away in mid-2020. You can download it from this link. At least next week we have a triplet with Deponia, The Pillars of the Eart and The First Tree.

Will Shovelworks Studios manage to create a game that is over 3 out of 10?

The antics and misadventures of the world's worst video game developers continue in the "3 out of 10" saga. Caffeinated superpowers, conscious artificial intelligence, and rival studios will stand in the way of Shovelworks Studios as they try to develop a game that is finally over 3 out of 10. Will this be the season they finally get it?

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