Dogecoin skyrocketed by 200% overnight! The total market value hit all time high $48.3 Billion

Dogecoin was born on December 8, 2013. It uses Akita as its mascot. It is the second-largest virtual currency in the world after Bitcoin in the number of users. At the same time, the transaction process of Dogecoin is more convenient than Bitcoin.

According to media reports, on the evening of April 16, Dogecoin skyrocketed by more than 200%, and rose by more than 500% within a week. The total market value has exceeded US$50 billion (about 300 billion yuan). I personally made a profit of 900% with my investment in Dogecoin in a span of 75 days period.

It is worth mentioning that Dogecoin opened at $0.004619 per coin on January 1, 2021, and the highest quotation on April 16, 2021, has reached $0.47 per coin, and the price has soared over a hundred times during the year.

It is reported that the Dogecoin skyrocket may be related to SpaceX Space Exploration CEO Elon Musk.

On April 15th, Musk once again "bringing goods" Dogecoin on the social platform, posting a picture of "dogs roaring on the moon", or suggesting that the price of the currency skyrocketed.

Earlier this month, Musk announced that Space X will bring a physical Dogecoin to the moon.

Affected by this news, the price of Dogecoin has soared, with a maximum increase of more than 30%.

It is reported that Musk has always been a supporter of virtual currency. Recently, he has discussed Dogecoin or Bitcoin on social platforms many times, which has caused the price of virtual currency to rise along with his discussion.

In this regard, some netizens said that just posting a message with a picture can make the virtual currency skyrocket, which is the top flow.

It is worth noting that Musk publicly stated on social platforms as early as 2019 that Dogecoin is his "favorite digital currency".

In addition to Dogecoin, Musk also changed the profile of his social account to "bitcoin", which caused the Bitcoin transaction price to rise to 37,600 US dollars, an increase of 20%.

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