AutoLogger Log Capture Software for Windows & Windows Server Free Download

The AutoLogger utility is an automatic collection of logs on the computer for further analysis of the infected system and its recovery. Everything is implemented in AVZ scripts and has a flexible structure of settings and dialogue for the end-user.

Developer: regist & Drongo
License: Free
Version: [04/09/2021]
Updated: 2021-04-09
Systems: Windows / Windows Server
Interface: Russian,   English
Category: Security Programs
The size: 14.3 MB

AutoLogger  in its composition works entirely on the AVZ script and contains:

1. AVZ

2. RSIT (x86 \ x64)

3. HiJackThis

4. CheckBrowsersLNK

5. 7za.exe

6. Everything is collected and packaged on the server.

AutoLogger works from the folder from which it was launched, creating its own directory structure in it:

.. \ AutoLogger

.. \ AutoLogger \ AVZ

.. \ AutoLogger \ RSIT \ HiJackThis.exe

.. \ AutoLogger \ CheckBrowsersLNK

.. \ AutoLogger \ // Archive with logs

* .. - path to the folder from where you started AutoLogger

After launching AutoLogger, a standard message is displayed for the user what has been done, agreeing, and clicking OK, the program will unpack into the above folders and launch AVZ with the GeneralScript.txt script. This script will check:

  • Whether AutoLogger is running in a limited account or in a terminal session if so, it will display a corresponding notification.
  • Relevance of bases.
  • Update if required.
  • Checking the default browser and launching IE and the default browser.
  • Depending on the bit depth, one or another log collection point will be executed (standard script # 2 or # 3).
  • Will display a reboot request if it is necessary to postpone the reboot, the user can later perform it on his own.
  • If necessary, it will try to automatically remove the registry lock.
  • After reboot, script # 2 is executed and the collection of RSIT and Check Browsers' LNK logs.
  • Packing logs into an archive.
  • Shutdown AutoLogger.

Everything is implemented in AVZ scripts and has a flexible structure of settings and dialogs for the end-user. There is support for command-line switches, for more details about the supported switches, see the FAQ.

What's New?

1. When starting AutoLogger on an OS localized for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the AutoLogger start window will be in Russian. All other localizations will be in English. Previously, only AVZ and its scripts had this behavior, and the start window in English. was only on OS with English localization.

2. Updated SFX module.

3. RSIT and Check Browsers && 񖔃 LNK will now start and collect logs in the same language that AutoLogger is running in.

4. Now all logs are collected in unicode.

5. Changed the name of the folder and the name of the AVZ file (see the description of AutoLogger).

6. Improved debug mode. The key for launching in debug mode now applies to both HiJackThis Fork and Check Browsers && 񖔃 LNK.

7. Localization files have been renamed and now have the .ini extension

8. Improved terminal session checking.

9. Improved default browser detection for popular browsers.

10. Added check for "too long paths". If AutoLogger is launched from such a folder that the maximum number of characters in the path during its operation will exceed the limit set for the Windows API, it will display a corresponding warning and exit.

11. The function of checking the relevance of databases has been reworked.

12. Checking the relevance of the databases will be carried out even if launched with Shift.

13. When logging the result of running the utilities, popular error codes are replaced with meaningful text.

14. A comment with the build date is now added to the zip archive with AutoLogger.

15. The hash page has been replaced with a new one. It has become more informative and now you can also download .md5 files with a hash from it.

16. Other changes.

17. All these changes were made after the last official release, but some of them were not made right now, "but quietly" earlier and have not yet been announced.

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista and above

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