Ampere Next, the next generation of Nvidia GPUs is coming in 2022

During the GTC 2021 event organized by Nvidia, the CEO of the green company has revealed what the roadmap will be for its next Ampere graphics cards.

Nvidia has revealed its plans for its next GPUs until 2024, where Ampere will continue to be the protagonist, only with improved variants of it. In this way, the 'Ampere Next' graphics cards will arrive next year 'Ampere Next Next' in the year 2024.

Jensen Huang not only focused on the roadmap of his upcoming GPUs, but he also took a look at the upcoming CPUs and DPUs. Grace CPUs should arrive in 2023.

The names 'Ampere Next' and 'Ampere Next Next' seem to be just to hide the real names that Nvidia has in mind. In this case, 'Ampere Next' could have the name of Hopper, in honor of the computer scientist, which is neither more nor less than the RTX 4000 series. This generation will bring with it more performance, a fourth-generation Tensor and the third generation nuclei RT.

Nvidia seems to stick with its old strategy, which is to release a new generation of GPUs every two years, which fits with this roadmap.

'Ampere Next Next'  is a complete mystery. Its release is scheduled for three years from now and several names that we have heard before, Babbage, Lovelace, Euclid, etc. are in the works. It is likely that by those dates we will also see a 3nm process node.

So there we have it. We shouldn't expect a new generation of Nvidia GPUs until next year, so this year it will focus on completing the RTX 30 series.

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