World Backup Day on March 31st - A backup is important - Giveaway offered by Macrium, Paragon, EaseUS and AOMEI till April 2nd

For some years now, World Backup Day has been proclaimed on March 31st. Initially, more with commercial aspects, this day has developed in a direction that reminds users to always back up the data and / or the operating system.

Because nothing is worse than losing important data. And everyone will have an external hard drive for backup. It doesn't matter what software you are using. The main thing is that it is reliable. In this context, it should be reminded once again that the Windows own function in Windows 10 "Backup and Restore (Windows 7)" should no longer be used.

This function is only used if you have switched from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and want to go back to Windows 7 with an old backup. Even if the backups should still work, they are unreliable because they are no longer being developed. Microsoft itself recommends using an external product here.

And there are some products that also do a very good service in the free version. For example, Macrium Reflect Free ( Version 8 is coming soon ), Paragon Backup & Recovery Community Edition, EaseUS Todo Backup Free, Aomei Backupper Standard. Of course, there are also paid versions of these products with additional functions or a faster backup routine.

In general backups, one must always differentiate between a backup or backup of data, or a system image backup, also known as a system image, for the backup of the entire operating system.

AOMEI is holding a giveaway again

It has also become a tradition that AOMEI distributes its Pro version of Backupper for free on World Backup Day. We currently have these on offer until May 2021. But in addition, this year AOMEI is distributing the AOMEI Backupper Pro as well as the AOMEI M Backupper Pro for the iPhone / iPad, each worth 29.95.

  • The package can be downloaded until April 2, 2021.
  • The included key must also be activated by April 2nd
  • The program will then receive updates for one year, but can still be used afterwards.

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