Trust presents GXT 323 Carus helmets for PS5 and PC

Trust's range of products and accessories continues to grow.  Playing is an increasingly immersive experience, so players are looking for peripherals and accessories, such as headphones, that allow them to fully immerse themselves in games, either on consoles or PC Gamings. The brand, therefore, presents its GXT 323 Carus helmet model, compatible with PS5 and PC and that allows each player to make the most of the acoustic functionalities of their device and enjoy the game on their console or computer.

Trust presents GXT 323 Carus helmets for PS5 and PC

A headset with which you can maintain an immersive gaming experience at all times, which will allow you to enjoy your games to the fullest. We find two versions of these headphones from the brand.

GXT 323W Carus PS5

A new generation of consoles, you also need a new generation of accessories. Therefore, specialized peripherals in this type of device achieve a greater sense of immersion. The GXT 323W Carus for PS5 has been expressly designed for PS5 so they guarantee full compatibility with the console. They offer a better gaming experience since, thanks to their design and comfortable mesh ear cushions, the user achieves total isolation to concentrate on the game.

They offer high quality sound and penetrating bass as they include 50mm, speakers, to hear everything that happens during the game. It has a flexible microphone, adjustable headband, volume knob on the earpiece and microphone mute button, all to allow maximum comfort for the player. To enjoy Carus headsets for PS5, just plug the headphones into the game controller. It includes a 1.2 m connection cable that gives the user the possibility of movement. They are launched in Spain at a price of 39.99 euros.

GXT 323 Carus for PC

Headphones are the essential accessory for a gamer who prefers the PC as a device, especially when connecting to online games and allowing multiplayer mode. The GXT 323 Carus, offers an immersive experience in any PC game. These headphones feature attractive polished details and a black design with red accents, giving them a modern and original finish. The sound is high quality and thunderous bass. The large, comfortable ear cushions are made of mesh materials that will help maintain comfort during long gaming sessions.

In addition, it has a flexible microphone, so that the rivals always hear the orders, a volume control on the earpiece and a microphone mute button to avoid extraneous sounds and control the sounds of the game at all times. Its price in Spain is also 39.99 euros.

A new headset model with which the Trust range continues to grow, helping to make it one of the benchmark brands in this market segment.

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