Panasonic JZW1004 & JZW984: Two more OLED TV series presented

As part of this year's CES, Panasonic presented its latest high-end OLED TV with the new JZW2004. This is now getting reinforcements. Because with the JZW1004 and JZW984 OLED TV series, Panasonic is expanding its range. And I think the JZW1004 should be right at the top of the user's wish list again.

Both series are available in sizes 65, 55, and 48 inches. The UHD Master HDR OLED panel of the JZW1004 (JZW984: UHD HDR OLED panel) stages even the finest details and gradations, even in the darkest areas, just as perfectly as the glistening light of a sunset.

If the Filmmaker mode developed by the UHD Alliance is activated, the frame rate, the aspect ratio, as well as the color and contrast of the original, are adopted. The two new series are also equipped with the HCX Pro AI Processor, which, among other things, should bring out the best image quality. The Auto AI mode compares the content just shown with saved reference scenes in order to improve the picture setting based on this experience.

Panasonic's new OLED TVs support all common HDR formats including HLG Photo, Dolby Vision, Dolby Vision IQ, and the new HDR10 + Adaptive. In addition, the new OLED televisions support HDMI 2.1 with HFR (High Frame Rate) at up to 120 Hz. Both TV series also offers support for Dolby Atmos and dual Bluetooth.

Panasonic is very well positioned for television reception thanks to the Penta tuner with twin function. The twin concept offers the first-class convenience for receiving cable, satellite, and antenna. One program can be watched live while a second is recorded on a connected external USB hard drive. With the TV> IP Server & Client, which has already been used by Panasonic for a number of years, and the new IPTV, two additional TV reception channels are available.

The fifth option for TV reception at Panasonic is IPTV, which streams TV programs directly from the Internet. In the new OLED TVs such as the JZW1004 and JZW984, the new My Home Screen 6.0 is used for the first time, which has been further optimized compared to the previous version and contains new functions.

Panasonic has not yet announced prices and availability. We will report here as soon as these are known.

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