"MSX SOUND ENHANCER" that solves the sound source problem peculiar to MSX and enables high-quality sound and pseudo-stereo

It can be the high-quality sound of the MSX, of sound cartridge "MSX SOUND ENHANCER" is consumer electronics Ken-chan has begun handling at. The price is 12,480 yen including tax for the kit version and 23,800 yen including tax for the finished product.

The sound quality and volume balance that differ for each model can be adjusted as desired.

"MSX SOUND ENHANCER" is a sound cartridge that can improve the sound quality characteristics of MSX, make it pseudo-stereo, and improve the sound quality with an external power supply. A lineup of doujin hardware designed by the technical circle "Lost Technology", a kit version that requires assembly by soldering, and a finished product with parts mounted.

Since there is no standard for audio output, the problem peculiar to MSX that the sound quality and volume balance of the built-in sound source and the external sound source is different for each device is solved. It is equipped with PSG and FM sound source (OPLL), and the problem is dealt with by adjusting the volume to an arbitrary level on the cartridge. In addition to being able to play the BGM of software whose keys are lowered on MSX with the original song key by using an external clock, it is also possible to use it to output audio instead of the failed built-in sound source.

In addition, it supports pseudo-stereo conversion by the surround processor mounted on the mainboard. It also has an external power connector, and by connecting a separately prepared AC adapter, it can output clean audio that is not affected by noise.

In addition, it has multiple dials on the side of the mainboard, and the volume of the PSG / FM sound source / external sound source can be set independently. The sub-board that connects in two stories also has a pass-through slot for an external sound source cartridge.

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