"Lifelong Learning" for Professional Success - or: Up To 165 EUR for Free for Your Advanced Training!

At Microsoft, we see continuing education as an integral and central point in our own development. We also speak of a “ growth mindset ”, which I personally would translate as a basic attitude of learning something from everyone around you, being curious, and always enjoying discovering new things. Of course, this always includes a little courage, and of course energy too - after all, after all, you often venture into new territory or leave familiar, well-established, or familiar patterns over the years.

From my own experience, I can say that it is great fun to learn new things, to see your own learning success, or simply to explore new things.

For this reason, I would like to show all the readers of Tekfiz a way of how you can easily educate yourself on all aspects of "technical issues". Explore topics that you might not even have known you were interested in. Or to build up knowledge that specifically helps with professional development.

Many people have lost their jobs in the last few weeks and months, are on leave or are on short-time work. This is exactly where we come in with our training and certification offers from Microsoft: All those affected by the economic consequences of the pandemic have the opportunity until the end of 2021 to take exams for selected Microsoft certifications at a reduced price of ~ 15 euros (instead of e.g. 165 euros) and in some cases even free of charge.

Microsoft experts accompany the training and answer questions via chat

With the free virtual training as part of our Virtual Training Days, the participants can continue their education, explore topics, continue their education, and - if you want - prepare for the certification exams - which are optional and are taken separately.

In addition, there are numerous events and learning content to deepen your specialist knowledge and expand your own network. More information is available on the  Microsoft Event Experience  Portal.

By the way: Not only Microsoft certifications are industry-recognized and can help recruiters inside and potential employers inside to make on your own profile carefully. Any additional knowledge that you have acquired so far in your professional life, in training or in your studies - is extremely valuable and should be made known. I can really only recommend updating your own “résumé”, for example on  LinkedIn, with the newly acquired knowledge.


  • With the Microsoft Training Days, we offer free training courses, in German, for further education and training or for exploring new subject areas.
  • With some selected training courses, you even get the certification costs for free after participation - the exam has to be planned separately and is not compulsory.
  • In the following training, you can save 99 € exam costs just by participating, they are basic courses and no previous knowledge is required:

Anyone who is now keen to expand their specialist knowledge and learn new things will find everything here compactly summarized, including links to the individual training offers.

Many greetings from Schwabing in Munich

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