Journal App - The Microsoft Garage Team has further improved the app

The team from the Microsoft Garage was hardworking and updated the Journal app with many new functions. They presented the app in February. More details available here.

The app for notes has been fine-tuned for the pen-compatible devices so that you can work more smoothly. But that's not all. Because there were also new functions that were integrated.

  • Print and Export: You can now print and export your journal pages on a printer, as PDF or in OneNote. You can choose what to print from the side menu or the navigation panel.
  • Custom Ink Colors: Tap the pen or drawing pen to reveal the new custom color picker that you can choose from
  • Support for pen pressure: In the Settings> Pen Settings menu, you can now activate the pressure sensitivity for a more realistic writing experience. Requires a supported pen
  • Inserting pictures: You can now easily insert pictures via the toolbar under the + symbol. You can still copy and paste or drag and drop pictures manually.
  • Bug Fixes and Performance: It wouldn't be a new version if it weren't for the behind the scenes work on usability. Journals should open more reliably, and general performance should also have improved.

"The project enables Microsoft's Applied Sciences Group to tweak and try out new ink gestures that allow users to stay in the flow of ink without having to switch modes."

The Microsoft Garage is known for trying, testing, publishing and occasionally discarding a lot here. But that doesn't mean it's useless to work. Because the knowledge gained can help the other Microsoft apps to get better.

If you want to take a look at the app: The new version is already online. You can find out more about the update and a small statistic in this article from Microsoft.

[Original 17-02-2021]Journal - A Microsoft Garage project as an app in the Microsoft Store. Small tools or apps from the Microsoft Garage are sometimes very interesting and exciting. A new app from the “garage” has now been made available as an app in the Microsoft Store. The journal developed by Microsoft's Applied Sciences Group.

Per Ink and supported by AI (Artificial Intelligence), offers new possibilities for daily writing. It is made possible by new gestures, searches, and filters to find content. The aim of AI is to achieve new possibilities that are not possible with normal paper. Logically, no wonder thanks to the technology. But here are the key points of the app.

  • An up-close writing experience for anyone who writes with a digital pen
  • A page-based canvas for easy scrolling, optimized for tablets and 2-in-1 devices
  • New intuitive ink gestures for erasing and selecting ink that does not require a mode change
  • Touch to scroll through pages or tap Ink to select words, phrases, and more
  • Drag and drop selected content between pages or to your favorite applications
  • Microsoft 365 integration for access to your calendar for faster meeting notes (account required)
  • Import and markup PDF files and images
  • Search and retrieve using keywords or filters

Journal, a Microsoft Garage Project: Download Here

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