Intel Core i7-11700K appears in PassMark being surpassed by the Apple M1

By the ranking of the benchmarking software PassMark, pertaining to the single-core performance, the Intel Core i7-11700K has been seen contenting itself with the last step of the podium with 3542 points harvested, so the Intel Core i9-11900K continues to lead the table, but between the two a great enemy continues to sneak: the ARM Apple M1 processor, which offers 3550 points, that is, the Intel processor is 0.2 percent slower in single-core performance, although this percentage is within a reading with a margin of error.

This could be left here, and voila, but of course, the Intel Core i7-11700K has a TDP of 125W compared to the 15.1W of the Apple M1, so we could say that it is slightly slower, or that it offers practically the same performance single-core, but in terms of consumption there is a huge disparity, not to mention that Apple's high-performance core, the Firestorm, reaches 3.20 GHz compared to Intel's Cypress Cove core that reaches 5.00 GHz, so it requires of higher frequencies 56 percent to try to match this performance.

Obviously, in multicore performance it is another story, as we are comparing 8 high-performance cores for Intel against a combination of 4 powerful cores + 4 low power consumption cores in the case of Apple. It should also be noted that the Apple M1 can be obtained in a Mac Mini for 799 euros, while the Core i7-11700K has a cost of 429.90 euros in the absence of making up the rest of the system.

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