GeForce Now: Cloud gaming subscription will be significantly more expensive

Nvidia is increasing the price of its GeForce Now cloud service: instead of 5.50 euros, 10 euros per month will be due in the future - existing customers excluded.

A subscription to GeForce Now will cost 10 euros per month in the future. The cloud gaming service was previously available for € 5.50 a month. In view of the previously favorable conditions, it was foreseeable that this price would not hold up. So far, Nvidia has referred to the subscription as "Founders Membership". The founding period has now expired, from now on the subscription is called "Priority".

You can save a little with the annual subscription, which costs around 100 euros - this corresponds to a monthly price of 8.33 euros. Existing customers can continue to use GeForce Now indefinitely at the Founders price, promises Nvidia. However, this bonus is void as soon as the subscription is interrupted once.

Nothing changes in the advantages of the subscription: Geforce Now can still be used free of charge, but the game rounds are limited to one hour. Paying customers gamble without this restriction and can also enjoy ray tracing graphics. Apart from that, paying users are technically on the same level as free users. With GeForce Now, games are streamed with a maximum of FullHD resolution and up to 60 frames per second or in 720p with 120 FPS, an option for 4K is missing. Nvidia also does not indicate which graphics performance is available to users. The individual titles are loaded with preset graphics settings, so they do not necessarily run with maximum details.

GeForce Now runs with games in the library

With GeForce Now, users can simply play the games they already own on platforms such as Steam, Epic Games Store or GoG. However, this only works with a selection of games that has fluctuated frequently in recent months: Several games lost their compatibility with GeForce Now, only some of them came back at a later point in time. A list of all supported titles can be found on the GeForce Now website.

In the Streaming test of "Cyberpunk 2077" GeForce Now cut a fine figure: The Founders Membership could go online, the action role-playing game on maximum settings with raytracing on Ultra-level play - in full HD resolution with activated DLSS. The game ran more smoothly than on the local hardware with a GeForce RTX 2070 and an AMD Ryzen 3700x. GeForce Now has almost 10 million users, according to Nvidia.

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