ClearURLs removed from Chrome Web Store

Let me know if you are looking for the extension ClearURLs in the Chrome Webstore. Google removed them from the store a few hours ago. Kevin Röbert now has to work through some deficiencies that were complained about.

First of all, about this extension: It can remove the rat tails from URLs that, among other things, display tracking elements behind the actual links. A good example of this is, for example, links from Facebook or from which mail program the link was started. ClearURLs can remove these using 250 filters so that the links work while protecting privacy.

Kevin is accused of having made the description of the extension too detailed, which could "confuse" users. Although the more detailed a description is, the fewer inquiries there are, right? The list of contributors in the description is also a thorn in the side of Google. Robert has now corrected the “clipboardWrite” authorization, which was also criticized in the message.

Nevertheless, he assumes that it is chicane, as the extension prevents Google from making money through the "rat tails". Ok, surely he was a little upset too. In the meantime, he has lodged an objection and made the first corrections. So it may be that the extension will appear again in the Chrome Store soon. Until then, the extension can also be installed manually.

Anyone using Microsoft Edge can still download and install the extension from the Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store. Sometimes it's good that Microsoft has its own little store.

You can find the whole text as an image and the comments on it at

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