AOMEI Backupper Pro 6.5 free including key for you [Update]

[Update 29-03-2021]: There is once again a new update from AOMEI Backupper Pro to version 6.5 from 03/29/2021. We have also updated our free Pro package for you. As a hint. The campaign was extended until May 31, 2021. The changes are:

  • "Create Portable Version" added (only available in Technician and Technician Plus): Copy AOMEI Backupper to removable media so that it can be run directly on the target computers without installation.
  • Added automatic shutdown after scheduled task: Automatically shutdown, restart, or hibernate your computer after a scheduled task completes.
  • Added option for "real-time synchronization": synchronizes the deletion processes in the source directory with the target.

Fixed issues:

  • Problem solved: The size of the used space on exFAT partitions cannot be determined correctly.
  • Fixed issue: The post command could not execute the shutdown command after the backup.
  • Fixed problem: The synchronization task automatically synchronizes after installing the new version.
  • Fixed issue: when local files and network files are synchronized at the same time, failure to access network files will cause local files to fail to synchronize.

PS: AOMEI MBackupper Pro will be available for free for a few more days for World Backup Day.

If AOMEI does not want or does not want to extend the free offer with us, the Backupper Pro 6.5 should be the last version we can offer. After all, since August 2019. But let's wait and see.

[Original 15-08-2019] We have a great offer for you, namely the AOMEI Backupper Pro free for you with a 1-year license worth 39.99 euros. After that, however, it can still be used. This offer from AOMEI is valid until August 8, 2020.

AOMEI already offers the standard version for free. AOMEI is now expanding its commitment with the mission "Always Keep Global Data Safer".

It doesn't really matter which program is used to back up or back up data. The main thing is to do it. Because restoring a backup is much easier and faster than a new installation including settings and program installations.

Even the free standard version offers many and sufficient possibilities to secure your system or to clone the hard drive. The Pro version goes a step further.

  • System backup and restore is faster
  • It is possible to create a system clone. (In the free version only hard disk or partition)
  • The backup can be copied back on different computers. Regardless of whether with identical or different hardware
  • Images can be merged or split into smaller sizes
  • PXE boot tool for networks
  • Scheduled backups are possible
  • Partitions can be adjusted when cloning on the target disk
  • Real-time synchronization of files and folders
  • Dynamic volumes can be backed up
  • Files with NTFS permissions can be restored
  • Backup on CDs / DVDs is really old school.
  • As already described with the Backupper Standard, it is important to create a bootable medium first. Otherwise, if the computer crashes, no backup will help.

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