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Free Premium Netflix Accounts and Passwords for April 2021: Hey, are you looking for Premium Free Netflix Accounts and Passwords for April 2021? Then you've come to the right place. Here you will find over 1000s free Netflix accounts with email ID and password.

Who doesn't like Netflix? Everyone loves this great streaming service. While more and more people prefer to stay home to relax and watch Netflix & chill, free Netflix accounts are being haunted by Netflix lovers around the world in April 2021. If you're wondering why, well, it's because a Netflix premium account can offer you what you have never seen on a normal TV channel.

Well if we look around we will find that Netflix is ​​becoming more and more popular with each passing day. It is right now the most widely used streaming media service, known for its exclusive TV shows, movies and short videos. Not that other streaming media services don't exist, but it was Netflix that usually steals the show.

Compared to all other streaming media services, Netflix offers users a better user experience. Not only that, but the video collection is also quite good compared to its competitors. However, Netflix is ​​a premium media streaming service that is a huge disappointment for all users who want to stream videos for free.

Netflix has many premium user plans, yet users often search for free Netflix premium accounts with email and password. We've already shared many articles on how to get free Netflix Premium accounts, but logging in with an email ID and password seems like the easiest thing to do.

So, if you are also looking for free premium Netflix accounts with email and password, then you have landed on the right website. In this article, we are going to share some of the best and functional Netflix Premium accounts that can be used to access premium content for free.

Features of a Netflix Premium account

As for the functionalities that Netflix accounts offer, they may be different from each other. But in general, the functionality varies depending on the type of subscription plan. Netflix offers three different plans, Basic, Standard, and Premium.

How to get Netflix free forever

Would you like to know how to get Netflix for free forever if someone offers you such a thing?

Netflix can be your best source of entertainment, especially if you want to unwind after a busy day at work.

Isn't it nice to be able to come home from work, feel exhausted and tired, and just want to have a good time in front of the TV with your favorite food and drink?

Well, while there are many other cable TV services that will meet your needs, Netflix is ​​certainly different from the rest. It can be said that this Streaming service is quite exceptional and unique compared to other sources. So it makes sense that you want to get Netflix free forever.

However, the main problem with Netflix, as well as other entertainment sources and cable television, is that it is not a free service. Yes, it is a paid streaming service, which requires you to spend extra money on a daily basis. And the problem with these core services is that they have limits.

If you choose the cheapest Netflix plan, you will usually get the most limited features and services. If you want the best possible service (including a large coverage area), you will probably have to choose Netflix's premium package (and usually the most expensive).

Is it possible to get Netflix for free?

You probably think that it would be impossible to get a free Netflix account in April 2021, especially one that lasts forever. However, you must understand the term. It would be impossible to expect to have a free paid service without permanent interruption.

However, if you do it right and smart, you can spend most of your time accessing the Netflix service for free forever. You may not be able to access the service at certain times, but if you get it right, it only works temporarily. Don't you think it's worth taking a look? Don't you think it's great to have Netflix free forever?

My girlfriend has a pretty clever trick to do it. When you try to access the service for free, you do so strategically, and that doesn't mean you have free access to Netflix forever.

For example, this month you sign up for the free trial (Netflix 1 month free). For the next month, you are trying to find a free Netflix coupon. If he can't find one, he goes for the cheapest package. The following month, you end your subscription and try to find the coupon to use the free service or try another free trial period.

This can go on and on - it's smart enough to do these alternative methods. Once, he was lucky enough to get a coupon for Netflix 12 months free. He did it and everything went well for 12 months. The following month he took the cheapest plan and canceled the membership after one month.

And then he went back to the free trial period and looked for the free Netflix coupons. In my opinion, this is the smartest way to get Netflix free forever ... well, even if it doesn't last forever.

Sign up for Netflix 1 month free

One of the most common tips used by users is to sign up for the Netflix 1 Month Free Free Trial, one of the basic questions on how to get Netflix free forever. However, most people realize that it would be impossible to get a free trial as long as you live because there is a limited amount of time.

Many people say that the free trial offered by Netflix is ​​quite generous - when compared to other platforms. The Netflix service offers 30 days of free service, during which you can enjoy all the content without complications. As long as you get it right, you can enjoy the content for 30 days in your spare time.

Note that there are some problems with this type of method. First of all, when you want to try the trial period, you will need to provide a valid credit card number with your information. Second, if you do not cancel your membership, you will be charged at the end of the trial period.

The reason Netflix asks for your credit card number is the reason for the subscription. If you do not cancel the subscription, the company will use your credit card information to extend it.

Of course, as a professional service in this area, Netflix is ​​mindful of professional courtesy and ethics. You will be notified several days before the trial period ends, as a reminder. This helps you decide if you want to cancel your subscription or accept it.

As long as they don't receive any cancellation notification from you, they will see this as a sign that you want to continue your subscription. This can be a problem if you are forgetful or often ignorant of status. If you forget to cancel your subscription, your finances will be penalized.

As the company offers several payment methods for this option, such as PayPal, the payment management is very simple and easy. Please note that the PayPal option may not be available in all regions, but it is useful to check if it is applicable in your region. And if your region uses the PayPal option, you can always try Netflix's free trial without a credit card.

Extend the Netflix trial period for 1 month for free

If you are smart enough to "manipulate" the system, you can try to extend the trial period without violating the terms and conditions. As already mentioned, Netflix offers a free trial period for the service. Although they limit the service to a single free month, they sometimes allow the free service to last longer. This is how you can get Netflix for free for a long time with this method.

First of all, you can wait until the end of your free trial period. Let's say your trial period is over and you have canceled your subscription, which is a wise decision. Wait a month or two and try the trial period again.

In some cases, you can get a free trial while you wait. If this happens to you, you should take a chance as soon as possible. But if you don't get the offer, please try the first method. This can work if you're not in a rush or if you're not in a rush to watch Netflix.

The second method is simple: ask for Netflix for 1 month free. You can call them and request an extension. Surprisingly, many people have already done this. They give the reason why they were busy and didn't get a chance to test it thoroughly. As in the previous method, there is still a 50% chance that it will work. When it works, customer service is willing to extend the free service to another month so you can enjoy the full 60 days of Netflix for free. If you are willing to take the risk, go ahead. Give them a call and see how it works for you.

Netflix coupons and promo codes

Like any other service, Netflix also offers special offers and attractive discounts with coupons. If you think that coupons only serve to make the purchase, you should think again. If you spend some of your time checking coupon sites or sources, you can also look for coupons for Netflix. Don't forget to bookmark your sites if you've found a reliable source for your coupons.

Although there are coupons for Netflix, they are not always easy to find or access. If the sources are correct, you should be able to find different types of coupons, promo codes, and discounts for Netflix - for a limited time, of course.

Free Netflix Premium Accounts

There are some premium accounts available that you can use to watch the latest movies and TV shows without any interruption. These accounts are mostly generated by the NetFlix Premium Account Generator. We have managed to find out the list of usernames and passwords for the accounts.

Note: We do not guarantee that the NetFlix usernames and passwords listed below will continue to work as these accounts are accessed by many users. Some accounts could be banned, or users changed passwords. We are working hard to update more Netflix usernames and passwords. Here is the list of IDs / Passwords that might work.

Note: We have shared what is available on the Internet. These accounts were not collected or owned by the simplified technology. These accounts have traveled extensively on the Internet, so there is no certainty whether these accounts were active or not.

User Passwords Valid UpTo
danigamer4k@hotmail.com pijako44 31 May 2021
elena_molina147@hotmail.com Katysano 31 May 2021
durangezado@gmail.com cobraboy77 30 April 2021
esteb77@hotmail.com paper77 30 June 2021
prestomajicb@msn.com blackcat69 30 April 2021
ferchomartz@gmail.com fercan93 30 April 2021
juan.silvadg@gmail.com 123123123 30 June 2021
maxiseries@hotmail.com netflixshar 30 April 2021
kelliesharp1974@yahoo.com justin14 30 April 2021
genie_kish@bellsouth.com benjamin03 30 April 2021
nhom874384738@gmail.com 1564565 30 April 2021
taras.vest@hotmail.com netflixpass 30 April 2021
gfieldma1001@hotmail.com 051201 30 April 2021
pattywagner_2000@yahoo.com jm2719 30 April 2021
ricardoisidoro@bol.com.br 008249 30 April 2021
barxky1976@yahoo.com interview0929 30 April 2021
ijuvota@gmail.com cdefgahc 30 April 2021
forshee@oasisband.net qwerty7 30 April 2021
asser1989@hotmail.com asser89 30 April 2021
trude.75@hotmail.com slider66 30 April 2021
alliefarid@hotmail.com 0o0o6565 30 April 2021
wsynecky@gmail.com jsdaw1979 30 April 2021
23w4tnt@gmail.com tnt@373#0 31 July 2021
234tnt@gmail.com tnt@373#0 31 July 2021
24w4tnt@gmail.com tnt@363#0 31 July 2021
284tnt@gmail.com tnt@473#0 31 July 2021
20w4tnt@gmail.com tnt@173#0 31 July 2021
239tnt@gmail.com tnt@273#0 31 July 2021
29w4tnt@gmail.com tnt@163#0 31 July 2021
288tnt@gmail.com tnt@173#0 31 July 2021
theoneills@iol.ie rubicon2018 30 April 2021
boanihamiok@imghosthub.com apass@97531 30 April 2021
snapsterqi@imghosthub.com apass@97531 30 April 2021
tinocraft91@gmail.com ichbinderbeste 30 April 2021
netflixgainer14@bestlead.ga itechhacksofficial1 30 April 2021
samford052@freedownload4u.ga mypassicantgiveyou 30 April 2021
kalilinuxdark16@freefromlight.ml youaremine3 30 April 2021
kalilinuxdark20@freefromlight.ml lovemealoat2 30 April 2021
alexpribb@gmail.com Notesmen2 30 April 2021
marvin_buchner@yahoo.de Marvin1207 30 April 2021
sandrinalex@rogers.com Joeyandre1 15 May 2021
debbeedeb@aol.com 1surf1 30 April 2021
rshabb0@hotmail.co.uk sialkot12 30 April 2021
dnmir54@yahoo.com bucksfan54 30 April 2021
nataliya.herus@gmail.com 17737271888 30 April 2021
jrrllicey@hotmail.com 123456 30 June 2021
remaclefamily@gmail.com substation232 30 April 2021
ijuvota@gmail.com cdefgahc 30 April 2021
tjs1966@gmail.com danbrown2 30 June 2021
nandy0489@gmail.com gatewaysTc 30 April 2021
mytriolk.rubix@gmail.com MeOnly$1 30 April 2021
kistymae@aol.com sophie 30 April 2021
genie_kish@bellsouth.net benjamin03 30 April 2021
pattywagner_2000@yahoo.com jm2719 31 May 2021
mattsirois20@gmail.com diecast8 31 May 2021
mysunshineii@yahoo.com artshart 31 May 2021
staceydsmith71@yahoo.com iloveelvis 30 April 2021
lyonholdings@yahoo.com Annika1 30 April 2021
difelicepamela@yahoo.com howaboutthat 30 April 2021
wildr4@yahoo.com packer31 30 April 2021
nikkipyatt@gmail.com 2greatkids 30 April 2021
nikkimail101@aol.com keegan6159 30 April 2021
porccs43@hotmail.com gangsta101 30 April 2021
prestomajicb@msn.com blackcat69 30 April 2021
rbdeschamp@gmail.com desperado1 30 April 2021
n.negrin88@gmail.com bellatash1 30 April 2021

Watch out for more accounts which is updated frequently on this page. Just bookmark this page and visit back to find more freemium accounts of Netflix.

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