With this extension you can download TikTok videos automatically

Those users who use TikTok from the computer can take full advantage of this function

Enjoying TikTok videos from the PC is a very strange practice, but it exists for many users on the Internet, who perhaps spend more time in front of a computer than from a mobile device.

That is why programmers have developed some functions to complement the experience within the Asian social network for those users.

As part of those experiences that are seen in the mobile version of TikTok, now with the help of a tool from the browser, you can download videos from TikTok.

In that case, you will know an extension in Google Chrome where you can download the automatic TikTok videos, according to your choice from the computer.

TikTok Downloader

The name of this interesting tool is TikTok Downloader and its sole objective is to improve the user experience with the Asian platform with various features.

Its main functions are:

  • Download videos from Tiktok posts and stories.
  • Short functions and short user interface.
  • Download support in the TikTok extension icon panel.

For its correct operation you only have to: download and install> Open session in TikTok> You will see a cloud with a down arrow in the upper corner of each video, indicating that you can download it.

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